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The founders realized that the world population is seriously affected by hunger with over one billion people starving annually and the greatest percentage being in the South of Sahara where Uganda lies. Worse still about 2 billion people are estimated to be suffering from hidden hunger whereby Uganda is ranked among the severe categories. The effects of hunger are more evident in children where high mortality levels, stunted growth and mental retardation manifest. It is also clear that hunger significantly contributes to maternal mortality. The formation of Hunger Fighters Uganda was therefore inevitable given the changing trends in local, national and global food security situations, the rapid spread of global hunger and its associated consequences.


He is the Executive Director, board Secretary and Founder member of Hunger Fighters Uganda, have worked with UN WFP in the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.

Emmanuel T. Aturinde

Chairperson of the board, has worked on several Projects in the this organisation and has been working with Hunger Fighters Uganda since 2009 to present.

Mugabi Peter

Vice Chairperson of the organisation  and has worked for the organisation for a while exibiting professional management and business skills.

Chris Opesen Columbus

She is the Finance Secretary of the organisation and is in charge of all the finances in the organisation. She has also worked as the Head of Planning and Finance.  

Namanya Gloria

He is the Publicity Secretary on the board and has worked for the organisation to make it reach where it has reached.

Benjamin Imaniraguha

She has effectively delivered her duties to the company’s satisfaction.

Namukasa Christine

He is a Professor of Sociology at Makerere University and currently a Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Assoc. Prof Andrew Ellias State