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Background to the Project

The implications for poor nutritional status and poor health among learners are enormous, including poor performance, absenteeism, emergence of new diseases, school drop-out as well as child mortalities. We acknowledge that hunger goes beyond shortage of food to include how the available food is accessed, consumed and utilized by the body. Therefore, all effort and strategies in place to foster nutrition and health of school children such as those of the Ministries of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports and Non-Governmental agencies among others are highly valued. However, there is need to improve food production, nutrition practices and hence the intellectual and physical status of the children in schools.


The intervention of the teachers, parents, local government and other stakeholders in school feeding arrangements is critical to effective learning. The partners in the project have deemed it fundamental to initiate the Hunger and Learning project in selected schools in Uganda in order to empower school children and other stakeholders to contribute to optimal feeding.

The goal of this project is to promote food and education rights of school going children for better learning. Our dream is to see every school going child like you have nutritious and healthy food at school.


What is Food and Nutrition (FAN) Clubs?

FAN Clubs are pupil-led platforms for sharing knowledge and experiences in food and nutrition related issues in schools. Clubs will be the center of activity for the hunger and learning project implementation. The Clubs will work hand in hand with other stakeholders in school to promote the right to food for school going children.

What can i do?

FAN Club activities

  • Establishing school gardens
  • Debates, seminars and workshops
  • Food preparation demonstrations
  • Community outreaches
  • Planting fruit trees in school compounds


How do i benefit?

Membership benefits

  • Being a member of the FAN Club will bring many benefits to the pupils and their schools including;
  • Being able to participate in various club activities.
  • Learning about food and nutrition
  • Gaining experience.
  • Free career guidance and learning.
  • Acquiring leadership skills.
  • Contribute to promoting children’s right to food in school.
  • Development of the school and improving the school image.
  • Support government programs on education and health for learners.

Can i be a leader?

 Club Leadership

The FAN clubs will be a seven member leadership body including the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Publicity, Treasurer, and a Patron who is a teacher and the Representative of the Parents. The role of the club leaders are to  mobilize, plan, implement and evaluate club activities as well as link the pupils body to the school administration and the PTAs.