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Edible Cities Conference

Date: 24th August 2017            Time:8:15am

Venue:Grand Imperial Hotel Kampala

Theme: Enhancing Resilience in Urban Food Security & livelihoods Through Urban Agriculture in Uganda.”

Conference Objectives

The main goal of the Edible Cities Conference 2017, is to establish a multi-stakeholder platform in order enhance constructive dialogues on creating resilience in urban food security and livelihoods in Uganda. As a 1st conference, this is positioned to launch a series of annual conference to be held every year on important topical issues relevant to creating positive change in the changing food system. The following specific objectives are core to the 1st ECC ;

  1. To amplify the profile and centrality of sustainable urban agriculture in enhancing resilient food and nutrition security and livelihoods in Uganda’s cities and urbanizing areas.
  2. To provide a platform to government, urban authorities and None-state actors to disseminate important government policies, plans for the development of urban agriculture.
  3. To share experiences of the ongoing interventions and research in order to promote practical solutions and evidence based decision making for policy advocacy.
  4. To launch the Urban Agriculture and Food Security Forum in order to enhance sustained engagement on policy matters on urban farming, food and Nutrition security and livelihoods in Uganda and beyond.