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Child Nutrition Youth Coalition Uganda (CNYCU) is a coalition currently hosted by Hunger Fighters Uganda. It is a coalition of value and interfaith based youth organizations with a shared vision of ensuring that children enjoy good health and are protected.


The CYCU is a collaborative and consensus-driven coalition considering that each coalition member carries with them distinctive mandates although they may have certain common goals and objectives. The members of the coalition are confident that their combined strength carries enormous potential to help them achieve substantial results in the selected issues of focus. The coalition has a coordination team and member organizations and undertakes most of its coalition activities on a voluntary basis with moderate facilitation.


To improve nutrition of children and mothers for better health and wellbeing. The vision of the Coalition

A fully energetic and healthy population

Mission of the Coalition

Contribute to the improvement of nutrition of children    and mothers for better health and     well being through collaborative and consensus driven advocacy, awareness creation, capacity building and provision of relief.


Objectives of the Coalition

  • To mobilize and create awareness among young people on child health and nutrition issues and strategies to address them in all the regions of Uganda.
  • To advocate for appropriate policies, systems and structures for effective service delivery to prevent and control malnutrition at the district, national, regional and international levels.
  • To raise awareness and political interest in addressing malnutrition in Uganda, particularly ensuring that adequate resources are allocated and committed towards addressing nutritional challenges as well as ensuring their optimal utilisation.
  • To work with the government and other organisations in providing relief to children in emergency situations.