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Agriculture and sustainability

The need to increase food production to meet the global food demands and averting the hunger crisis through agriculture development remains at the centre global debate. Through crop and animal production, the environment has been compromised. Yet agriculture and environment are complementary. HFU acknowledges that integrating a wide ally of human activities with environmental concerns is necessary if sustainable results in promoting agriculture and fighting against hunger.

This is because climate change continues to undermine the fight against poverty and has acerbated global hunger. Over time agriculture production in Uganda has been at a declining rate amidst increasing population. Through AES activities, HF-UG focuses on supporting small-scale farmers to sustainably produce and improve their livelihoods by among others:
• Promoting agriculture based policy advocacy in Uganda with a focus on key pillars of smallholder agricultures such as agriculture extension, water, technology innovations, access to land, and markets among others.
• Engaging and sensitizing communities on environmental conservation to mitigate climate change.
• Engaging communities in planting food trees to improved nutrition.
• Promoting innovations and entrepreneurship skills for women and the youth in the agriculture sector to enhance food security and poverty reduction.
• Supporting vegetable growing to reduce hidden hunger.