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Our History

Hunger Fighters Uganda (HFU) is a Not-for-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization initiated in 2008, pursuing a vision of ‘A hunger and Malnutrition free Uganda. The organisation is engaged in the activities of fighting hunger in Uganda with a local, national and global perspective. The organisation programmes focuses on creating empowered communities, which are food secure and free from social injustices including the marginalized groups like women, children and displaced among others. The main areas of work are Agriculture and sustainable livelihoods, Food and Nutrition Security, Humanitarian support and Research, Advocacy and Capacity Development. At the core of fighting hunger, the organization considers gender and sustainable environmental conservation as important crosscutting issues.

  • Vision
  • Mission


To eradicate hunger through promoting household food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture, research, environmental conservation, humanitarian support and behavioral change.


We Are The Best In Our Field


Transparency and accountability

We believe and work with openness and accountability to the communities we serve.

Value Neutrality

We serve different communities irrespective of their culture, sex, gender, religion, and nationality with a national and global perspective.

Partnership for efficiency

We value togetherness and our services are dedicated to bringing positive and holistic change to our society.

Respect for diversity

As a team with diverse disciplines serving diverse communities, we work together as a family to serve our communities.

Food for life

We value food as the primary instrument in humanity’s effort to fight hunger in our communities.

We Are Expert In Work

Our dedicated team

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HFU is open to partnership with individuals, local and international organizations operating to promote social development through fighting hunger and poverty in line with the Millennium Development Goals.


To join the Hunger Fighters Uganda, a family of committed volunteers to eradicating hunger, one needs to sign up and contribute a membership fee. (more…)